“Anger, if not restrained, is frequently more hurtful to us than the injury that provokes it.”

“My purpose is to picture the cruelty of anger which not only vents its fury on a man here and there but renders in pieces whole nations.”


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Romantic Partner Anger Scale

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Our Team

Raymond Digiuseppe, Ph.D., ABPP

Raymond DiGiuseppe has studied anger as a clinical problem and has promoted the recognition of anger as a form of psychopathology. He has developed standards for identifying anger diagnostic disorders. Dr. DiGiuseppe has published two psychological tests assessing dysfunctional anger: the Anger Disorders Scale (ADS) for adults and the Anger Regulation and Expression Scale (ARES) for children and adolescents. He has also published on the development of the theory, practice and empirical research support of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy and Cognitive Behavior Therapies and their application to children, adolescents, and families. He has also been interested in the development of the therapeutic alliance in child and adolescent psychotherapy. He is studying the diagnosis, assessment and treatment of persons with anger problems.

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Joanne Raptis

Joanne is a 4th year doctoral student at St. John's University. Her work in the lab has included factor analyzing and developing shortened measures of irrational and rational reliefs and examining the influences of situational context and belief styles on emotional disturbance. Her independent research interests include positive psychology, motivation and goal achievement, technologically delivered treatment, and the interaction between psychology and wellness.

Annette Schieffelin

Annette is a 1st year doctoral student in the Child and Adolescent track of the Clinical Psychology program at St. John’s University. Her research interests include examining aggression, anger, and externalizing behaviors, particularly in infancy and toddlerhood. She is also interested in parent-child interactions and the influence of parenting on a child's development. More specifically, how executive functioning, flooding, and coercive processes affect parenting and the development of anger and aggression in young children.  

Amanda Fisher

Amanda is a 4th year Clinical Psychology Ph.D. student at St. John's University. Her research in the lab has focused on personality disorder classification, romantic partner anger, and relationships between Stoicism and well-being. Her dissertation research focuses on relationships between emotion attitudes and beliefs, emotion regulation, and well-being.

Daniel Lydon

Daniel is a doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology program at St. John's. Daniel has enjoyed learning more about the intricacies of the research process and the complex methodology involved. Daniel’s main interest is in the application of CBT to a wide-range of disorders including anxiety, depressive, and anger-related disorders.

Jacqueline Torres

Jacqueline is a third-year undergraduate student at St. John’s University. She is majoring in Psychology and minoring in Data Science. After graduation, she plans to pursue a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology.

Katharine Romero

Kate is a 2nd year doctoral student in the adult track of the clinical psychology Ph.D. program at St. John’s. Her research interests include the diagnosis and understanding of anger as a clinical disorder and anger and emotion regulation in forensic populations

Olga Gulyayeva

Olga is a doctoral student in the child track of the clinical psychology Ph.D. program at St. John’s. She is interested in how factors like emotion, aggression, and coercive processes affect parenting and close relationships. Specifically, she is interested in how anger influences relationships, such as those between children and their parents, or between romantic partners.

We are a team devoted to advancement of anger research and awareness. 

Good Reads

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Anger Management Group at Albert Ellis Institute

Wednesdays 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Fee: $60 per session
Leaders: Ray DiGiuseppe, Ph.D. ABPP, Brianna Cheney, M.A. and Mark Schiffman, M.S.

Anger is one of the moral emotions and it often leads to conflicts and harms relationships with those closest to you.

Through the group therapy process, clients learn from the leaders and other group members. We work to establish a positive, reinforcing atmosphere to share and learn from each other.

This group is appropriate for clients who have temper outbursts, who argue frequently with others, and for those who have assaulted others. It is also helpful for those whose anger is interfering with their romantic, parenting, or professional relationships. The group also serves as treatment for those with legal problems concerning assault and domestic violence.

By attending our Anger group, you will learn how to:

  • determine whether your anger is helping you or hurting you
  • identify your anger triggering events identify how others respond to your anger relax and calm yourself when faced with anger triggers
  • identify emotions that are more functional than anger
  • identify your thoughts and beliefs that are associated with anger
  • stop ruminating about injustice and hurt you have accumulated replace the anger generating thoughts with more adaptive ones
  • identify alternatives to revenge and vengeance resolve conflicts with more assertive behaviors rebuild your damaged relationships
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